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Solemate app infographic style overview

A while back, I decided to dive into Java for Android platform app development. Since the market share for Android still surpasses the iOS marketshare by a large number, it seemed like the obvious choice for me.

Well , there’s that and the fact that I own a Samsung Galaxy S (so yeah, still working off of the first gen Galaxy. I think I’ll be buying the newest Galaxy S3 in the very near future cause I love my regular S … wonder what they have come up with in the meantime, with the S3).

As a first project I decided to work on an app that allows you to take a quick snapshot of someone sitting next to you on the subway wearing an awesome pair of shoes (or a piece of clothing for that matter), tag it , rate it , and upload it to a website where it’ll be displayed in a Pinteresty way (+ all items will be pinned on a Google Map based on your GPS location, which the app sniffs automatically in the background).
Every user generated item that lands on the site this way will be picked up by a Drupal7 module I built from scratch that will check the database (through the Zappos API) for related items.

A list of related items is then brought back to the site and displayed next to the item uploaded by the users. All Zappos items obviously linking back to the online store. Instant win for everyone, right ? right !